Helpful Reminders




I chose to respond to this particular blog post because I think it’s a good article for us (my cohort) to read and take to heart, as we’ll soon be thrown into classrooms and pretty overwhelmed (I assume). I’ve already heard plenty of horror stories from first year teachers, and I know my first year will be rough, but I think the dos and don’ts this post offers will help make it a little easier.

My favorite is “DO NOT get discouraged that you are not doing enough for them (sometimes progress is slow but there is still progress).” I find this one the most helpful because I can see myself getting quite discouraged rather quickly when I first start to teach. I won’t have a ton of experience with my own classroom, so I’m sure I’ll set my expectations way too high, and then get really disappointed when those aren’t met. I know one of the dos is “DO have high expectations for their academic work and their behavior” and I definitely think that is true, I just need to remind myself not to set those expectations too high for my students and for myself. Another one that I really liked was “DO allow them to explore things they are interested in” because exploration is something I really want to encourage in my classroom. In order for my students to expand their creativity and become really invested in something, I have to allow them to use the hobbies and interests that they enjoy. They’ll be having fun and learning at the same time and that’s obviously the best 🙂

This post will impact me as a teacher because it gives me a few rules to live by when I’m facing a challenge in my classroom, which I’m positive will happen more frequently than I’m expecting. It’s important to remember not to get discouraged and keep your head up when encountering a problem. Even when I’m ready to throw in the towel, I have to remember all the benefits I get from teaching children and how they will always outweigh the rough patches.


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